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BRL V6 - Truck Grand Prix (Zolder): Review
Two weeks after an excellent third place in the Menzo 24 Hours of Zolder, Jos Menten is on hand for the fifth meeting of the Benelux Racing League season. Notwithstanding the encouraging results gained in the qualifying sessions at the Nürburgring and Circuit Zolder, the young driver from Limburg was unable to convert his starting places on the grid into a podium ranking. The 27 year old Dutchman is fully determined to turn the tide on his home circuit.
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24 Hours of Zolder: Podium for Jos Menten after stunning race!
This last weekend Jos Menten competed in the 30th edition of the Menzo 24 Hours of Zolder. In a gruelling race Menten, together with his team mates Markus Palttala, Armand Fumal and Michel Pulinx finished in a well deserved third place. Notwithstanding a problem with a broken drive shaft and two sheared off wheels on the Porsche 996 GT3 RS the quartet can travel home satisfied, with two trophies, champagne and flowers.
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24H. Zolder: Jos Menten as fourth driver with MPM Racing by Verbist
The driver tally now stands at 105, as opposed to 104! At the last minute MPM Racing by Verbist added a fourth driver to its line-up. Following on from the Belgian driver Julien Schroyen crying off, Jos Menten was drummed up to drive the Porsche 996 GT3 RS. Together with Markus Palttala, Armand Fumal and Michel Pulinx this 27 year old Dutchman will be out to clinch gold in Division 3.
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BRL V6 - RTL GP Masters of Formula 3 (Zolder): Review
Circuit Zolder acts as host for the fourth round of the Benelux Racing League. The perfect moment to capitalize a good result after a strong performance on the Nürburgring. No free practice for the BRL-drivers, they were immediately thrown to the sharks in a 20 minute qualifying session. Circuit Zolder is Menten’s second home track, next to Spa-Francorchamps, and experience comes in quite handy.
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FIA GT - Total 24 Hours of Spa - In the lead until fate strikes...
With spots on the first and third row Phoenix Carsport has excellent perspectives for the race of two times around the clock. During the practice and qualifying sessions on Thursday and Friday both Corvette C6.R did not encounter a single problem… but during the race fate strikes for the beautiful American muscle cars.
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FIA GT - Total 24 Hours of Spa: third row on the grid for Jos Menten
The Total 24 Hours of Spa started well for Phoenix Carsport. With spots on the first and third row of the starting grid the German team heads full of confidence to the start of the race of two times around the clock. Both Phoenix quartets take it easy in the first free practice of the most important FIA GT race of the season. Jos Menten and his co-drivers finish the first practice in seventh place (2:18,679). “This morning I only did one installation lap. We checked the car and it felt just as good as during the official test day”, Jos Menten tells us. “Then I handed over the steering wheel to my team mates. I think we already found a good set-up for the race. The team is very experienced. Up until now we haven’t clocked competitive lap times but as soon as the track warms up, times will drop very fast.”

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BRL V6 - Truck Grand Prix (Nürburgring): Review
Scarcely one week after the third and fourth heats of the season in Assen, the BRL V6-championship set up camp at the Nürburgring. The German circuit is the battle ground for the fifth and sixth heats of the Benelux Racing League, the championship Jos Menten is competing in at the wheel of the scarlet #17 Kuijpers Brandbeveiliging-power machine. After a difficult weekend in Assen, where Menten was twice nudged off track by a competitor, the young Limburg driver was out for revenge in the Ruhr area.
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FIA GT - Total 24 Hours of Spa - Succesfull test day for Phoenix Carsport
The last time Jos Menten got behind the wheel of a Corvette C6.R was back in October 2006. The 27 years young driver from Haelen reached an agreement with Phoenix Carsport – winners of last year’s Total 24 Hours of Spa. This German team, which is competing with two Corvette C6.Rs in the FIA GT championship, will be counting on the capable hands of Jos Menten, Uwe Alzen, Alexandros Margaritis and Robert Schlünssen with their power beast bearing race number 6. Alzen and Margaritis need no introduction. Both these drivers have been active, with great success, in the Deutsche Tourwagen Masters for several years. For Menten Schlünssen is an old acquaintance from his Formula Renault 2.0 period and is presently competing in the Danish Touring car championship
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BRL V6 - Dutch Power Pack Festival (Assen): Review
Jos Menten’s programme is well filled. Just before the test day for the upcoming Total 24 Hours of Spa, where the Haelen based driver will be competing with a Corvette C6.R entered by Phoenix Carsport, he raced in two BRL races on Sunday 6th July. At the wheel of the Kuijpers Brandbeveiliging-power beast the 27 year young Dutchman clocked up a sixth best time during the qualifying session, worth a place on the third row of the grid. A place definitely offering up ideal perspectives for the two races!
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FIA GT Championship - Adria (Italië): Review
For Jos Menten and Andrea Piccini the third round of the FIA GT competition fizzled out. Notwithstanding several new components the American power beast wouldn’t get up to speed. Problems during the free practice, the pre-qualifying and qualifying sessions made it a highly strenuous for the Dutch-Italian duo. After only eight laps Piccini was forced to throw in the towel, as the result of a further clutch problem.
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FIA GT Championship - Adria (Italy): Preview
A mere week after the 24 Hours of Le Mans Jos Menten set his sights on the third FIA GT race of the season. The 27 year young Dutch driver from Haelen is swapping the Team Modena’s Aston Martin DBR9 for the Saleen S7-R of the Austrian iPOS Racing team. Up until now the private initiative of Norbert Walchoffer has not been very successful. The red-white liveried Saleen bearing race number 13 presently lacks horsepower as compared to the top runners. Notwithstanding a strong complement, with Jos Menten teamed up with the experienced Italian Andrea Piccini, the team have failed to score up until now.
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24 Hours of Le Mans: gearbox problems hamper Team Modena's race
After the difficult qualifying sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, the sun finally started to shine down on Team Modena on Saturday morning. But for the warm-up the British team still had a surprise up their sleeve for the drivers. A self developed aerodynamic pack and a more powerful engine should give Jos Menten, Christian Fittipaldi and Terry Borcheller wings. The revamped Aston Martin DBR9 immediately leaves a good impression, with Menten registering a fifth time in LMGT1 – just behind the works cars.
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24 Hours of Le Mans: qualifying: eigth place for Team Modena
It's not all plain sailing during the qualifying sessions on Wednesday. A problem with the windscreen keeps the Aston Martin DBR9 in its pit box as from 20:00hrs. All three drivers had complained about poor visibility, and the team decided to fit a new one. Not a self-evident task, and specialists are called in to assist: “It’s clear, but maybe ‘distorted’ is the way to describe it. At first we thought that this was due to our ‘tear offs’, but it now appears to be the windscreen that is to blame. The team are now going to fit a new windscreen so that we can go into the attack between 22:00hrs and midnight”, the driver from Haelen comments.
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24 Hours of Le Mans: frustrating evening for Team Modena at Le Mans
The first of the four two-hour qualifying sessions for Saturday’s Le Mans 24-Hour race proved to be a testing one for Team Modena, a problem with the windscreen on their Aston Martin DBR9 seeing the car in the garage for the second half of the session. All the drivers were saying the screen was distorting their view – and the decision was made to fit a new screen, a job that requires specialist help on the bonded screens. Fitting the new screen when the team did ensured that they could be out this evening’s second session with a new screen.
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24 Hours of Le Mans: Jos Menten ready for the race
54 out of the 55 competing cars passed the scrutineering on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th June. Only the Italian Racing Box team’s Lucchini Judd-proto stayed behind at the Le Mans circuit. The Aston Martin DBR9 of Team Modena was amongst the 54 cars. At 10:50hrs precisely the team run by Rik Bryan and Graham Schulz presented themselves at the traditional ‘pesage’ located on the Place des Jacobins. Jos Menten, together with his team-mates Christian Fittipaldi and Terry Borcheller were also present.
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24 Hours of Le Mans: review on the official test day
Team Modena worked hard these last few weeks preparing the Aston Martin DBR9 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The technical crew, led by Hans Muehlbauer, travelled down to the test day with the car in perfect and due form. On the other hand ideal weather conditions at Le Mans were not on hand. Intermittent rain and sunshine set the scene on an eventful training session, with several red flag interruptions. Team Modena’s programme was also disrupted, because Jos Menten was unable to complete a single lap on a dry track.
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FIA GT Championship - Monza (Italy): Review
Definitely not traditional Italian weather but there were 34 cars on the grid; these were the main ingredients for the second round of the season. On the legendary Autodromo di Monza, within close proximity of Milan, the FIA GT-caravan had set up its camp. Each year this highly fast circuit offers up an exciting race and so it was to be this year also. For Jos Menten the Italian adventure ended after seven laps with a retirement …
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FIA GT Championship - Monza (Italy): Preview
Following on from the season opener at Silverstone fine tuning has now been completed. As from this moment RBImmo Racing will be appearing as iPOS Racing. iPOS is an international provider of infotainment-systems relating to Point of Sales. iPOS is looking to use the FIA GT championship as a marketing platform for the further development of their brand. To add additional strength to these new ambitions and as from Monza, the team is calling on the services of Rob Schirle, who will be taking on the function of team manager. Schirle was previously involved with such teams as Russian Age Racing.
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BRL V6 - Pinksterraces (Zandvoort): Review
In addition to an international programme, with the 24 Hours of Le Mans as the highlight, Jos Menten is also competing in the Benelux Racing League in 2008. In the BRL V6 the drivers battle it out with matching weapons, a silhouette-type car sporting a 4 litre Ford V6 engine under the bonnet. In order to ensure the equality in the championship the engine management and cable harness are sealed and private practice sessions are forbidden. This year the BRL V6 championship is active in three countries – The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium – spread over seven meetings. This last weekend the first races were held at Circuit Park Zandvoort, during the ‘Pinksterraces’. For his debut in this class Jos Menten returned home with a tenth and sixth place.
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Jos Menten makes his debut in the BRL
In addition to an international programme, with the 24 Hours of Le Mans as the highlight, Jos Menten is also competing in the Benelux Racing League in 2008. In the BRL V6 the drivers battle it out with matching weapons, a silhouette-type car sporting a 4 litre Ford V6 engine under the bonnet.
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Le Mans: Jos Menten again with Team Modena
The 24 Hours of Le Mans will be in its 76th edition this year and two drivers from the Limburg will be at the start. Apart from Jos Verstappen, our man from Haelen, Jos Menten has also found a safe haven for this legendary endurance race. Once again the 27 years young Dutchman has opted for the Team Modena Aston Martin DBR9. Jos Menten will be sharing this fabulous LMGT1-power beast with the American Terry Borcheller and the Brazilian Christian Fittipaldi.
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FIA GT Championship - Silverstone (United Kingdom): Preview
Just four days before the FIA GT championship’s opening round Jos Menten concluded an agreement with RBImmo Racing. The 27 year young driver from Haelen will be driving the blue-white liveried Saleen S7-R on English soil. Menten will be teamed up with the experienced Andrea Piccini. This Italian also has a rich history under his belt, having defended the colours of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lister in the past.
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Belgian GT Championship - Belgian Race Kick Off: Review
On the eve of the first meeting of the Belgian GT Championship MVD 2008 Jos Menten and Belgium Racing came to an agreement. The Limburg based team had entered a Dodge Viper Competition Coupé for Patric Derdaele and Laurent van Moerkerke, but due to family commitments the latter had to cry off. In the first race Menten and Derdaele came away with a tenth place. The second race saw the duo clinch a ninth spot.
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Belgian GT Championship: Jos Menten with Belgium Racing in Zolder
On the eve of the start of the first meeting of the Belgian GT Championship MVD 2008 Jos Menten and Belgium Racing came to an agreement. The Limburg based outfit spurs a Dodge Viper Competition Coupé for Patric Derdaele and Laurent van Moerkerke. Unfortunately van Moerkerke will have to miss the opening round of the championship due to personal circumstances.
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