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Nurburgring: Jos Menten back with Mad Croc
This weekend Jos Menten will once again defend the colours of energy drink Mad Croc. The Haelen based driver has been called up to share the wheel of the Corvette C6.R with Xavier Maassen. Last month this Dutch duo was unbeatable at Spa-Francorchamps. Menten-Maassen dominated the free practice sessions, the qualifying sessions and the races … but a flat tyre in the Championship Race threw a spanner in the works. “We were in for a perfect weekend. Naturally I would have preferred winning, but in the meanwhile the loss has been digested. We showed the world what we are worth, and we presented Mad Croc with their first victory. So let’s build on that”, Jos Menten remarked looking ahead.

For Jos Menten the Nürburgring is not unknown territory. Back in 2006 Menten created a sensation in the Le Mans Series – also at that time with the DKR (former PSI) Corvette C6.R. In the start of the race the Dutchman was easily ABLE to keep to the pace of the front runners, handing over the wheel in second place to his team mate at that time. Unfortunately for them the race fizzled out when a technical problem threw a spanner in the works.

It promises to be a difficult weekend in Germany. Similar to Spa-Francorchamps this Ruhr region boasts a microclimate. “We can once again expect varying weather conditions, but last month that was to our advantage; I’m looking forward to the races!” Menten added.
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